Celebrate the Bread & Roses Centennial!


Welcome and please join us as we celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Great Lawrence Strike of 1912, better known as the "Bread & Roses Strike". The year 2012 presents us with an important opportunity to examine this seminal moment in American history. The intent of the centennial is to tell the fascinating story of the strike while also using it as a lens with which we can discuss pertinent issues facing our society today and in the future.

This is the central website for the Bread & Roses Centennial Committee. The Committee is made up of a growing list of Lawrence community organizations interested in celebrating the centennial of the Bread & Roses Strike in 2012. The committee has been hard at work planning a slew of events to make the centennial the best it can possibly be for the city of Lawrence. This website is constantly being updated. Please check it frequently for updates on centennial events. Visit the "News" page for the latest updates! You are very welcome to attend any Bread & Roses Centennial Committee meeting. The group meets on the first Wednesday of every month from 6-8pm at the Lawrence Heritage State Park.